HIDDIT is proud to present our newest ambassador, launching his own line of products in July! Claude Goetz is perhaps best known as the lifelong trainer and nutritionist of Jean Claude Van Damme, the famous Belgian action star, but his expertise is much wider. 

A nutritionist by degree, Claude knows as no other how to perform at top level, for decades on end, as he is now approaching his eighties, and his pupil Jean Claude Van Damme is over 55 and still in great shape. 

Claude is an expert in martial arts ( 1st dan in aikido, 2nd dan in judo, 5th dan in Ju-jitsu and 7th dan in karate and kickboxing), a certified Bloso trainer for Belgium’s elite international athletes, a special police forces shooting and self-defence instructor and much more.

Claude Goetz also pioneered scientific training methods into martial arts, having his pupils do Olympic lifts for power and explosivity, something unheard of in his age.

 His great emphasis on flexibility allowed Jean Claude Van Damme to conquer Hollywood with his famous splits. 

He ran the famous Centre National de Karaté (CNK) and the Physical Golden Club in Brussels for nearly 30 years, training thousands of athletes. 

Claude is HIDDIT’s expert for all training and sports needing explosivity, power and flexibility, and our prime example of longevity through proper nutrition and training.

At HIDDIT we believe: “No Goetz, no Glory

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