Learn why no training routine should go without the good old squat!

With all the modern exercise equipment and machines, why should you even still consider the old squat?

Well, for man and woman alike, here’s 6 very good reasons to add the “king of exercises” to your routine!

  • Increased hormone release: whole-body exercises like squats make your body release hormones like testosterone and growth hormone, giving you benefits above just strengthening your lower body!
  • Enhanced core strength: the body has to stabilize itself during the squat to keep you in an upright, stable position, which creates a very strong midsection. Good news for sixpacks!
  • Reduced chance of injury: when performed properly, the squat will build muscle and stability around your knees, hips, glutes and lower back, helping you to avoid injury.
  • Increase your vertical jump: if you’re involved in sports needing jumping ability, nothing beats the squat at boosting your vertical jump!
  • Burn fat : squats will impact the biggest muscles of the body, thereby increasing the basic metabolic rate, meaning you will burn more calories, even while resting!
  • Build your bum: for the ladies among us looking to build a firm bum, nothing builds the glutes better than deep squatting, with or without weights.

So, with all these benefits, it is no wonder our athletes and coaches all are big fans of this seemingly old-school exercise!

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