Why would you consider upping your protein, and adding a protein shake to your diet if you’re not a bodybuilder?

A question we hear a lot, and a common misunderstanding.

So, let’s sum up some good reasons to incorporate some more protein in your diet:

1. To recover from a workout. Don’t worry, unless you train and diet like a bodybuilder, you will not look like one, but protein can help you recover easier.

2. To help you manage your weight by filling you up. Protein keeps you fuller, longer.

3. To stabilize blood sugar levels. Contrary to carbohydrates, protein digestion has minimal effect on blood glucose levels, and can actually slow down the absorption of sugar.

4. To improve your mood.The amino acids in protein are needed for hormones and neurotransmitters. Mood swings and irritability due to fluctuating blood sugar levels are also minimized.

5.To maintain strong bones. Especially important as you age!

6 To maintain muscle mass, even while dieting. This is an important one: muscle burns more calories than fat, so if you want to get lean, you need to hang on to your muscles for optimum results.


Of course, you can get protein from foods, such as meat, eggs, fish, milk, cheeses, nuts, lentils, pea’s etc.

But consider a protein shake for:

1. Convenience : there’s no faster, on-the-go breakfast!

2. Low fat content : ideal when trying to cut calories.

3. Price : a shake with about 20 grams of protein will set you back less than 1€.

4. Taste! Indulge yourself with a creamy, dessert-like shake from time to time.

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