As you age, your body changes, you respond differently to training, and need more recovery time.

People adapt their training to their age, but rarely their nutrition or supplements.

Claude Goetz is an expert on longevity, himself approaching 80 and advising Jean-Claude Van Damme, age 56, on nutrition.

That’s why he developed Elite Whey Protein!

Elite Whey Protein has unique benefits for all athletes, but especially the more mature one:

  1. It has 15% more leucine than traditional whey isolates. This amino acid kickstarts muscle building. Studies have shown that as you age, your body reacts less to the benefits of protein. Simply put, increasing leucine makes your body handle protein as if you were younger.(1)
  2. It has virtually no lactose: the digestion of lactose decreases with age, creating stomach upset.
  3. It has 40% more tryptophan than most whey isolates. This amino acid produces serotonine, which decreases with age, a compound in the brain that promotes feelings of personal security, relaxation, and confidence. A serotonin deficiency can result in sleep disturbance, anxiety, depression, and a propensity to overeat, particularly carbohydrates like simple sugars.
  4. It helps to counteract sarcopenia, the age-related loss of muscle mass.
  5. It is a native whey protein, meaning it contains no fat, cheese residue, hormones, antibiotics or chemical agents as it is cold-filtered out of milk from grass-fed cows. Most whey is a by-product from cheese production, and has been subjected to chemicals and heat treatment.

Try out this top quality whey protein isolate in vanilla, strawberry or chocolate taste!


  1. Katsanos, C.S., et al. (2006). A high proportion of leucine is required for optimal stimulation of the rate of muscle protein synthesis by essential amino acids in the elderly. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 291(2):E381-387.


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